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LEND Videos

The following videos were produced for the Down Syndrome Association of Northwest Indiana & Chicagoland and Milestone Therapy by the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities (LEND) Interdisciplinary Training Program.  


This video will provide family members with different ways to position their infant throughout the day to allow for new ways to explore the environment. Guidance is provided on where hand placement should be and how to incorporate this through out your day. Many of these are great ideas to use when carrying your infant from room to room, when playing with your child, or after diapering. 

Tummy Time

This video provides newer parents with a variety of ways to encourage more time spent on their stomachs. Spending time on their stomach allows your child to develop strong neck, back and shoulder muscles which are important for developing other skills as they grow older. Many of these are great to use during play time, after feeding, while you are relaxing with your infant or when dressing your infant. 

Rolling & Pivoting

This video is for infants who are trying to master rolling from their back to stomach and pivoting on their bellies. This video will provide family members with tips on where to give support and how to progress to less support as they improve at these skills.


This video is perfect for a child who is in any stage of sitting whether they need full support or are closer to sitting independently. Parents demonstrate various skill levels in sitting and provide examples of where hand and external support should be given. 

Crawling & Standing

This video will offer different ways to encourage the development of belly crawling, hands and knees crawling and standing. It offers ways for family members to progress to less support when your child shows improvement so that they are eventually doing this skill independently. 


This video is perfect for children in any stage of walking. Once your child has mastered standing independently, they may begin to show a desire to take their first steps. This video offers tips and techniques for encouraging this experience and how to offer support as they begin to explore their environment in a new way. This video will explain how to progress to less support as your child shows more ability and confidence.

Advanced Mobility

For the child who is already an experienced walker, this video is perfect for developing higher level skills. This video explains how you can help your child learn to step up and down curbs, step up and down stairs, how to kick a ball, how to jump overground and how to jump on a trampoline. These are all great skills for a child who is beginning to participate in gym at school or is walking out more in the community. 


No part of these videos or any of theri contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the DSA of NWI.