Emma Currin's Story

We had just become a family of 5 and had no idea 1 hour later our world would be changed forever. We were told they suspected Emma had Down Syndrome but we didn't get confirmation for 5 days. We were scared, we knew nothing about raising a child with special needs or what all that would involve. Emma spent 11 weeks in the NICU due to feeding issues and came home with a gtube button. She had open heart surgery at 10 months old. She is now 4, making great progress this year in her eating. She is a fighter. Emma is more work but by far my easiest child. Emma is the love of our lives!! We have all talked about how we would NEVER want Emma not to have Down Syndrome if we were ever given the choice. We think she's absolutely perfect just the way she is! She is the happiest little girl you'll ever meet. She loves to give hugs. She loves to help in the kitchen and around the house. Emma loves to swim, swing, go to school and playing with her babies. She has completely changed our life for the better. She is truly the best gift we've ever been given & we are so thankful we get to do life with her. For people new to this journey, don't be afraid. It'll be the best thing that has ever happened to you. The way a child with Down Syndrome loves you is unexplained but the love you have for them is more powerful than anything I've experienced. It's a different kind of love & unique.

Allison Currin