Isabella Reyes' Story


Isabella - or as our family lovingly nicknamed her - Bella, was born on May 25, 2015.  Bella surprised us all with her little extra chromosome. It definitely caught us off guard, but we still love our little girl.

We worried about the future and wondered if we'd be able to handle it. We cried out of fear for what the future held for our little baby. I worried if people were gonna make fun of her and not include her in activities. We prepared for the worst once we were able to take Bella home, but as Bella grew up she kept surprising us. While she took longer then her sisters to hit milestones, she hit them.

Her little hole in her heart was actually getting smaller and she had no other complications. She was able to go from not being able to breastfeed to being a champion nurser to now eating all kinds of solids. While she never learned how to crawl, she scooted everywhere and now we are working on walking. When I thought she would never get the hang of ASL, she surprised me again by now signing 6 words.

Bella is very friendly and out going. She loves to cuddle and wave hi to everyone. She loves playing with her four older sisters. Her sisters, in turn, adore her. Her favorite thing in the world is listening to music and dancing to it.

We came into this journey with fear and love in our hearts. Almost two years later we are still traveling through it, but this time with only awe, amazement, and love in our hearts.

Cindel Jacinda