Jacob Kiefor's Story

Jacob was born July 8th 1997. He was sent home from the hospital without a diagnosis. After a few months Jacob was showing some delays and after several doctors appointments he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. I was uneducated on what that meant for Jacob so I read as many books as I could and took him to as many doctors as I could and what I was hearing was that he may not do things that other children do. Our family treated Jacob the same as any other child, and Jacob was walking at 1 and potty trained at 2, started preschool at 3 and rode a two-wheel bike by 5 years old. Jacob was was doing ALL the things other children did. Today Jacob is like most teenagers. Jacob's favorite things include cheeseburgers, Sports, video games and spending time with his grandpa. He plays basketball, baseball, track , loves to travel, and is a huge UFC fan. He avoids all chores and has two sisters Jessica, and Jenna and like most families they argue but are also best friends . His personality is larger-than-life and his attitude is amazing. Anytime you ask him how he is doing his answer is always "awesome". Last year he graduated high school and was voted prom King at Lake Central High School. He has always wanted to work in an office and today he is an office intern at the Down Syndrome Association of Northwest Indiana . He has the same goals as most people do; to have a job, live independently and maybe get married one day. I have no doubt he can accomplish those! We have learned more and laughed more and been loved more because of Jacob!

- Melanie Bennitt